Moldovan Christian Aid (MCA)

Moldovan Christian Aid (MCA) is a non profit, non governmental association registered under the number 3904 on June 12, 2007 by the Ministry of Justice.

All Moldovan Christian Aid (MCA) founding members, priests and pastors, have been officially delegated by the respective Church leadership and represent the following churches:

  • Moldovan Orthodox Church (Moldovan Metropolis);
  • Union of Christian Evangelical Baptist Churches,
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church from Moldova.

Moldovan Christian Aid will continue collaboration with social structures of the Moldovan Christian Churches not associated so far and open to consider any suggestions or applications from their side.

MCA Mission:

MCA aims to assist people in need for social justice and human dignity through strengthening & consolidation of capacities, fostering ecumenical cooperation of the partner churches and related organizations on social and development levels.


  • Leading interchurch agency in Moldova, working on social and development levels, based on partnership, shared values, professionalism and mutual respect;
  • Powerful actor of the Moldovan society in selected social and development sectors;
  • Reliable partner, fostering high performance standards of social & development work;
  • Efficient tool of the churches and related organizations for the lobby & advocacy for the poor and marginalized;
  • Open, transparent and learning organization, accountable for its actions and able to meet high standards of the public and stakeholders.

MCA Organisational structure

Currently the MCA Board members are:

  • Mother Superior Epistemia Goncearenco (Moldovan Orthodox Church, Moldovan Metropolia representative);
  • Rev. Ion Solonaru (Moldovan Orthodox Church, Moldovan Metropolia representative);
  • Rev. Pavel Vuluță (Moldovan Orthodox Church, Moldovan Metropolia representative);
  • Pastor Vladimir Ubeivolc (Union of the Christian Evangelical Baptist Churches representative);
  • Natalia Moser (Evangelical Lutheran Church representative, Executive Director of “St. Paul” Social Centre of the Evangelical Lutheran Church).