Monday, 24 July 2017 12:09

Training in advocacy for Alexandreni team

On July 1, 2017 a training in advocacy was organized in Alexandreni village for the members of the local multidisciplinary team that is involved in the project “ Improving family protection and preservation at the local level by developing community advocacy capacities”. The project is implemented by Moldovan Christian Aid in partnership with Nursing Association from the Republic of Moldova with the financial support of the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation. During the training the participants learned what advocacy is meant for and discussed the main steps of implementing a community advocacy campaign to promote family preservation, its values and importance.

On that day 15 participants including social workers, the priest from the local parish, a schoolteacher, young and adult volunteers gathered together to learn skills that are necessary in the process of advocacy implementation and to think over a draft plan of a future advocacy campaign to be organized in their village. Moreover, young mother with her baby also came to the meeting and participated in the discussions. They worked in teams so everyone could get involved and had the possibility to come up with their ideas and proposals. The aim of the campaign is to raise community awareness on the Moldovan family issues and to promote family protection and preservation. During the evaluation session all the  participants appreciated the training results very highly, having mentioned the usefulness of the knowledge and skills acquired for the further project activities, such as  a planning workshop and the organization of the campaign itself.

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