Tuesday, 25 July 2017 11:56

Training held in Sirauti village

Within the second half of July, continued the round of trainings for the local teams involved in the project. On July 17 2017, Moldovan Christian Aid carried out a training for the multidisciplinary team members in village Sirauti, Briceni district. The team in Sirauti has been established recently in order to participate in the implementation of the project “Improving family protection and preservation at the local level by developing community advocacy capacities”. 9 communities from the Northern part of Moldova are involved in the project activities. The team, which is coordinated by the community social assistant, also includes the village priest, one social worker, local schoolteacher, adult volunteers and young people.  In the training participated the school principle, being open to get involved in the implementation of the advocacy campaign. Altogether 18 people attended the training activities in village Sirauti.

The local team learned what advocacy is and practiced skills that are useful in planning an advocacy campaign as they were involved in several practical exercises and small group work. Everyone was encouraged to participate actively and to share ideas and opinions, being created a warm working atmosphere by the team-building activities that the training started with. In the end of the learning sessions they came out with a draft of the action plan to conduct informational community events that will promote family preservation and unity. The training ended up with the usual evaluation session during which the participants completed the evaluation questionnaire. The majority of participants appreciated the training with the maximum mark, being highly appreciated the methods used during the seminar as well as the usefulness of the information received, especially for conducting following project activities.

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