Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:14

The project “Empowering Christian Youth to deliver and promote homecare services for elderly people”

Overall Goal:

To increase access to the care services for the elderly in Moldova by mobilizing local parishes & Christian Youth Groups from Edinet rayon in Moldova.

Project objectives:

  • To improve elderly people’s live condition by providing home care services.
  • To empower Christian Youth Groups for home care services delivery.
  • To raise community awareness on vulnerable elderly and assist community in identification & use of the local resources for social services support.


  • 10 mix mobile volunteer teams have been created and equipped in 10 rural communities from Edinet district in order to deliver home care services in their communities.
  • At least 100 people (by 10 people in each community within 3 years) have benefited from  homecare services delivered by multidisciplinary team (mix-volunteer teams, social workers and nurses).
  • 100 elderly received aid with food packages within 3 years.
  • 50 adult volunteers and 100 young volunteers, members of local mix volunteer teems has developed their capacities to organize care services in their communities, to mobilize local resources and to advocate for better life conditions of vulnerable elders.
  • 10 parishes from Edinet district have developed their managerial capacities concerning home care services. Church representatives proved commitment in delivering home care for elderly people, improved their planning, monitoring, evaluation skills and are able to implement prevention actions, organize fundraising campaigns, apply motivational tools and promote volunteer-based participation in social actions.
  • 1 youth magazine published once per year comprising experience of mix mobile-teams, motivational messages, life stories, study cases, impressions and efficient mobilization models on youth implication in home care services.
  • 10 local intervention plans comprising specific helping, mobilization actions, elaborated and quarterly updated in each selected parish/community by the representatives of mix mobile volunteers teams.
  • 10 video clips reflecting encouraging messages of mobile teams’ members recorded.
  • 10 blog-pages created and maintained by young representatives of mobile volunteer teams.
  • Promotional materials (as calendars, pens, copy-books,  backpacks, bags, T-shirts…) elaborated and distributed to project partners beneficiaries and community representatives from the region.
  • 10 local and 1 regional social-photography exhibitions organized by representatives of mobile volunteer teams to aware the society of real life conditions, problem, needs and expectations of elderly people in Moldova.
  • 3 summer schools organized for 100 members (youngsters) of mix mobile volunteers’ teams.
  • A graduated motivational system was created in order to motivate young people to deliver home care for vulnerable elders from their community.
  • 3 Volunteers’ festivals organized on December 5 during all project implementation period).
  • 6 study visits organized.

Expected impact of the project:

  1. Increased access of the care services for elderly;
  2. Improved health and nutrition status of the lonely elderly;
  3. Improved personnel hygiene  and medical assistance of the elderly;
  4. Increased participation of the volunteers in care services provision;
  5. Improved social status of the homecare beneficiaries;
  6. Improved image of the parishes;
  7. strengthened social partnerships between churches and authorities;
  8. community volunteer resources are validated and mobilised;
  9. Young people became more social responsible and developed their personal and social skills.
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