Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:16

The project “Mobilizing Church Networks to Prevent Domestic Violence in Moldova”

The project “Mobilizing Church Networks to Prevent Domestic Violence in Moldova”

Program period: January 2010 - December 2012

Place: Republic of Moldova

The overall objective of the program is prevention of domestic violence by raising awareness among religious staff from various faiths and religious institutions with the aim of empowering religious personnel to implement themselves awareness-raising and other preventative interventions in their respective communities.

The capacity building program component will also equip participants with tools and information they need to refer affected people to sources of help in Moldova. Finally, this prevention strategy will also contribute to closer cooperation between churches, church related organizations, secular NGOs, international organizations, local and state authorities directly involved in domestic violence combating activities.

Program direct beneficiaries are the clergy, staff, volunteers and social activists of faith-based organizations and churches throughout Moldova who will be targeted through the capacity building program to empower them to work directly with the primary beneficiaries. The participants of the capacity building program will consist of the staff of the MCA partner Churches, and social divisions of the Churches, e.g. AGAPIS, St, Paul Lutheran Centre and others.

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