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Study visit to Moldova of Dutch groups


On  March 5-12 and 13-20th, 2016 Moldova welcomed two groups of Dutch visitors aged 50+ within a study visit organized by MCA and Kerk in Actie. The teams consisted of 16 and 14 people correspondingly and were led by Hanneke van de Biggelaa, Robert  Oorschot and Renate Barendregt.

The purpose of the visits was to introduce the guests to the situation of vulnerable people of Moldova, the organizations working in this domain and the areas of further necessary fundraising activities. At the same time the visitors also had a chance to discover more about Moldovan way of life, culture and traditions since their trip fell on the days of celebrating Martisor and the beginning of Lent period in the Orthodox Church.

Each of the 2 visits lasted for a week where every day was marked by visiting a new community in locations ranging from Rotunda village in Edinet district in the north to Baurci Moldoveni, Cahul district in the south. The list of the organizations visited was also very diverse and reflected different areas of work with the vulnerable groups of people.

In Costesti village the participants visited the Daily centre for children where the activities are organized in cooperation with a local NGO. The guests were impressed by the close cooperation between the church, village mayor and school where there is even special classroom for the religion studies. On Sunday morning they visited the church service and later there was a discussion with the priest. The participants were very open to interactions with the locals, and in Tintareni village they had a nice chance to sing together with the elderly and play volleyball with the young beneficiaries in the youth center.

In Taul the guests visited “Homecare” organization and were left with mixed feelings afterwards. On the one hand they were quite positively impressed by the devotion and work done by the nurses of the organization. On the other hand, the scale of the problems of the people with diabetes and living conditions of some of the visited families was quite heart-breaking for the guests and even caused some tears in the eyes.

However, the communication with the volunteers from the MCA project in Alexandreni village was quite positive and the Dutch gusts admired the youngsters’ willingness to help the elderly in their villages and to advocate their rights.

On the whole, the visit was full of impressions, emotions and thoughts for both the guests and the hosts. For the participants it was also a unique experience of diving into Moldovan reality and understanding the framework of work in the organizations they visited.

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