Monday, 05 December 2016 00:00

Volunteers' Annual Forum in Edinet town

Annual Forum is a traditional way to end another year of a project implementation and this time it took place on November 25 in Edinet. The event gathered 78 people from 5 locations – Alexandreni, Coteala, Edinet, Rotunda and Varatic. The aim of the Annual Forum was to summarize and to present all the work done within the project in the current year, to share experiences, to learn from each other and to get motivated for further active participation in the project activities.

The event started with the opening speech of one of the priests who delivered the greetings and blessings from the Bishop of Edinet and Briceni to all the participants of the event.  Afterwards the project coordinator from MCA took the stage to host the intellectual quiz “Young and Erudite” specially designed for the event. The tasks of the quiz covered the topics that the youngsters discussed during the trainings within a year as well as questions of general interest and logical ones. The participants revised  the age of becoming a pensioner in Moldova, the ways of collecting money for the elderly , had to provide quick solution to an example of a case management as well as to identify the local stakeholders for their villages. At the end of the quiz the winning teams received the prizes (board games) and the cups while the other participants were quite challenged and  motivated to learn as much as they can from participation in the project next year.

During the following stage of the Forum youngsters from all the 5 locations prepared and demonstrated the presentations of the advocacy campaigns they carried out in 2016.  They shared their experiences and were quite curious to see what had been done in other villages as well. This provided an opportunity to learn from the others, to see similar and familiar situations in another light and to take new ideas into consideration for further application in their own villages.

The highlight of the event was awarding those who had been involved in the project implementation a little bit more that the others. In each village 1 young volunteer was elected who was the most active in all the project activities and played the leading role throughout the year. These people received the wall clock with the inscription “The best volunteer 2016”.

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