Marţi, 10 Octombrie 2017 13:56

Family Festival in Varatic village

On October 8 2017, in village Varatic, district Riscani Family Festival was carried out in the community center. Families, young and old were invited and all people of all ages were welcomed at the Festival. During the festival with the message Our Family is very Important to us were organized a range of activities and were held speeches that promote family preservation, family unity and family values. More than 300 people from the village participated in the event. The Festival was organized as part of the community advocacy campaign within the project “Improving family protection and preservation at the local level by developing community advocacy capacities”. Nine villages from the Northern region of Moldova are involved in the project activities. The project is implemented by Moldovan Christian Aid in partnership with Nursing Association from the Republic of Moldova and Hilfswerk Austria with the financial support of the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation within the program Social assistants in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighborhoods Countries.


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