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Dutch guests in visit to project sites

During October 14-21st, 2017 MCA together with its international partners, ICCO and Kerk in Actie organized a Study Visit to Moldova for 7 guests from the Netherlands. The participants, aged 50+, represented 3 communities and were interested to see Moldovan life, learn more about the local Christian NGOs and the projects that are implemented by them.

The visit started in Costesti village where on Sunday the guests visited the Orthodox Church service and were very impressed by it. They also participated in the celebration organized by PO “Filocalia” and devoted to the 10th anniversary of the Social Centre.

On the second day of the program the participants visited the MCA office where they learnt the general information about the organization and its work as well as discussed the overall situation in Moldova from the point of view of political, economic and social development. In the afternoon the visit to the Beginning of Life was organized where the participants saw the holistic approach being implemented on all the levels of the organization.

During the following days the participants also visited “Bethania” with its Elderly and Youth Centres and Homecare Centre “ Sf. Juliana” in Taul. There the Dutch guests were really impressed by the genuine devotedness with which the nurses do their duties providing palliative care to terminally ill patients.

One more unforgettable day during the trip was the one spent in village Coteala, district Briceni.  After the night in the host families the Dutch guests had a tour around the village during which they discussed with the priest the challenges and the strengths of the village life. In the afternoon together with the local young volunteers the guests visited the elderly beneficiaries of the project implemented by MCA in partnership with the local parish. They had a chance to see the mobile teams at work and also to meet the local elderly and talk to them. The evening was full of positive emotions from the cooking workshop and the informal intercultural conversation with songs, looking at pictures and exchanging cultural experiences of Moldova and the Netherlands.

The last day of the trip was marked by the walk around Chisinau sights and visit to Ulmu Youth Centre where the guests really enjoyed playing chess with the local youngsters and were impressed by the everyday work done by the local priest for the vulnerable children and youngsters from the community.

Overall, the study visit was a great opportunity for both sides to meet people from a different culture and lifestyle and to see their own culture from a new perspective. Moreover, it was a good chance for the people to learn from each other, to share their ideas and to support each other.

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