Tuesday, 08 November 2016 00:00

Providing case management support in 10 communities

On 7th of September 2016 a one-day training was organized in case management for the parishes representatives. At the training were present priests from all 10 partner parishes and a social worker, in total 11 participants. The training was held in Edinet, at the Diocese of Edinet and Briceni.

As usual the training combined the theoretical and practical parts. It started with the aspects from the social work system of Moldova, regarding: social work system structure and relevant institutions; case management principles required by the resort ministry; case referral mechanism. In the practice part, participants learned the evaluation and planning tools used in case management and worked on actual cases from their communities using these tools.

At the end of the training, participants had as homework to use the learned tools in case managements within the project, for disadvantaged youngsters.

Based on the information and training received previously in case management, every parish picked up a disadvantaged youngster to be supported, regardless of the fact if he is or not a Youth Club member. Although it was planned to have in case management only one youngster in each community per year, as it was last year a parish could not decide between two stringent cases ant took both of them into assistance.

Every parish started the case management work and is analyzing the case in order to find most suitable ways to solve it. Besides the methodological and logistic support, youngsters are supposed to receive some material support as well, which is planned to be provided in quarter 4 of the project. The material support will be provided so that the whole family will be able to benefit of it, not only the youngster that is assisted. This is done, because in all the cases the economic situation of the families is so bad that youngsters do not have basic utilities in their homes.

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