Tuesday, 27 September 2016 00:00

Support to 10 youth projects within "Know-How-You-Do!" program

All 10 Youth Clubs developed small projects focusing on youth work in their communities, based on a template provided by MCA. The planning process was a participatory one, including the main stakeholders from the community: youngsters, parish, mayoralty, school, parents, social workers etc.

The main topics covered in the projects were related to: leisure time activities for youngsters, trainings, promoting a healthy lifestyle, helping elderly people, promoting volunteering, solving some minor problems of the community etc. Besides planned activities, some procurements were budgeted in every project, for the Youth Club endowment.

All 10 projects were awarded grants in an equal amount and beginning with July 2016, started to implement their activity plans. In most cases, half of the activities are implemented already and everything is going according to proposed plans.

All projects are due to end in December 2016 but have a sustainability plan developed for the next year.

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