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CABLE trainings for youth and their mentors

In October and November 2016 two CABLE trainings were organized, being actually two parts of a bigger training. The training was organized at the Diocese of Edinet and Briceni and was attended by adult representatives of all 10 parishes that are partners in the project – all together 33 participants – consisting of priests and adult mentors of the Youth Clubs.

The main topic of the training was “CABLE methodology applied in working with youth groups”.

The first part of the training took place on 27 – 28 of October 2016 and lasted 2 days, covering the following subjects:

a) “Zoo” method in building a group – at the beginning the participants were supposed to associate themselves to an animal and to tell the group how does this animal represent oneself. Afterwards, the group was divided in two smaller groups and each group was told to draw a hypothetical zoo based on the animals they are representing and to find a way for them to live in peace.

b) Telling the personal story – every participant was supposed to think of his life and to find the most important moments in it. Afterwards to write a summary of his history so that to be able to tell it in one minute to others. Next, participants were divided by two and told their story to each other, and afterwards in groups by 4. In the end, a series of principles and techniques were discussed, with the whole group, to be applied for a successful storytelling.

c) Exposure – participants were divided in groups by two and sent to the local market place to observe in 1,5 hours a problem that at least a customer encounters at the market, and take a picture of it. After returning to the training room, every participant told about the observed problem and showed the picture to the group. In the second stage of the exercise, the participants were divided in two groups and were told to draw the map of the marketplace with its problems and to describe it to the whole group.

As a homework, every parish had to apply all 3 learned methods with the youngsters in the Youth Clubs and to bring the results at the second part of the training.

The second part of the training took place on 10 – 11 November 2016 and lasted 2 days. The first day was dedicated to the homework and to discussions on how suitable were the methods in working with youngsters from the village. In the end, the group came with a few recommendations to make the methods more efficient in youth work.

The second day was dedicated to learning a new method of developing an action plan to overcome the problems identified during the exposure. It is a participatory method based on the involvement of every group member, following 3 steps: a) firstly every participant is thinking of possible solutions individually; b) participants are discussing the possible solutions in groups up to 4 – 5 members: c) every group is presenting their solutions to the whole team and together are deciding on the best solution.

At the end of the training, parishes received as homework to develop an action plan to solve one of the problems identified by the youngsters in their community during exposure.

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