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Thursday, 23 March 2017 12:15

Community actions in 10 parishes on the occasion of March 8

On March 8th, 2017, when people in Moldova celebrate the International Women's Day, the youth club members from all 10 communities included in the "Know-How-You-Do!" program congratulated more than 300 women and girls from their villages giving them flowers and "martishors" which had been made with love and devotion by the children with special needs from the center "Nexus". In this way youngsters from the youth clubs "Friends Forever", "Alex-club", "Formidabilii", "All for change", "Young Dreamers", "Tinerii Inovatori", "Faclia", "Tineri si Maturi", "Nicoliada", "Cutezatorii"   together with the children with special needs made the day brighter for the elderly and young ladies and elicited smiles on their faces. The ladies were deeply touched and happy that youngsters remember about them and did such a nice surprise.

The event was well known in the communities and other people were invited to participate. The youngsters themselves had only positive emotions as the villagers approved and welcomed their action. Now youth is even more motivated to conduct similar community events in the future.

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