Monday, 03 April 2017 12:35

Training in social entrepreneurship

Witihn March 21-30, 2017 a series of trainings for youth club members was carried out on social entrepreneurship. Totally, more than 160 youngsters and adults from youth clubs in 10 parishes participated in the trainings.

A one day training was conducted in each of 10 communities and aimed to develop the entreprenurial capacities of young people and their mentors. The topics discussed included: What is social entrepreneurship and what are the differences from usual bussines; What is the market and how to analyze it; How to write a good bussines plan etc. During the training the focus was on elaboration a bussines plan which was discussed with greatest interest by the participants. Although, developing a bussines plan requires a lot of work young people were looking forward with enthusiasm. Actually, participants from all youth clubs had more ideas of entrepreneurial activities and have to decide which is the best and most sustainable.

Youth clubs have to elaborate a business plan and present it until April 21, 2017. The elaboration of the business plan and its implementation is crucial to ensure youth clubs' self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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