Friday, 07 April 2017 08:27

Good Deeds Day in Edinet district

In the beginning of April many people all over the world are united by the idea of volunteering during the celebration of the Good Deeds Day. Young volunteers of the project “Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas of Moldova” also decided to step in this global movement and unite their efforts for the good cause. At the first April weekend of 2017 youngsters from Alexandreni, Coteala, Edinet, Rotunda and Varatic decided to devote their time to helping the elderly people to clean up their houses and gardens on the threshold of Easter celebrations. The volunteers of each location divided in 3 groups and visited the most vulnerable elderly that the priest had helped them to identify. During the activity volunteers shook carpets, swept the walkways and raked the dry leaves. The boys also helped with digging up the soil for the future vegetable gardens, while the girls cleaned the windows and washed the curtains. Such help was highly welcomed by the elderly people who remained very grateful after the event. They are now happy to be almost ready for Easter celebration and anticipate the holiday not only with clean environment, but with good thoughts. Young volunteers also received a lot of positive emotions by becoming part of the global movement and they also realized once again that it is easy to help and everyone can do it.

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