Thursday, 08 June 2017 09:29

Study visit for 50 youth club members

On June 1st, 2017 MCA staff organized a study visit to Chisinau city for 50 young people representing 10 Youth Clubs established in ten parishes of Diocese of Edinet and Briceni. It is a special day in Moldova as in many other countries of the world as we celebrate International Children's Day. The visit to youth organizations gave young people a clear and vivid look on how a youth organization works, what projects they implement, what challenges they face in their work.

The program for the visit included meeting with young people from a national organization, lunch, trip to Park of Stefan cel Mare and participation in an artistic and entertaining event that was held in the Botanical Garden on the occasion of Children's Day.

Young people accompanied by the youth workers arrived to Chisinau in the morning. After arrival a group of ten youth club members together with program coordinator went to the meeting at National Youth Council of Moldova. Meanwhile, the other participants enjoyed the great atmosphere of the holiday with performances and music played by the children in the heart of the city center. Later on when the lunch finished all participants were invited to the  Botanical Garden. Alongside the entertainment youngsters participated in the discussions and activities that were organized there by the educational center Ingenium from Chisinau.

This remarkable day fascinated young people who quite rarely have the chance to get out from their villages and daily routine. Their minds were full of ideas and impressions of the day that youngsters will remember. Overall, it was a good opportunity to see what other young people do together in their free time as well as to learn how a youth organization works, what its goals and main activities are and also to find out the steps to become its member.














































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