Thursday, 08 June 2017 14:04

Young volunteers participated in the Summer School 2017

Within June 2-5 MCA organized a summer school for young volunteers from 5 parishes participating in the program "Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas of Moldova". 99 youngsters aged between 11-17 participated in the summer school activities. From the very beginning the participants were divided into four teams according to their age. In that way the activities were conducted more effectively involving everyone.

The main topic of the summer school was community mobilization for carrying out advocacy campaigns. The first day of the summer school was dedicated to icebreaking, name-game and team building exercises. Each team came up with  its name, slogan and logo which were presented to the others during the evening opening ceremony. Youngsters were also exited to learn about the Summer School schedule and anticipated the creative competitions and interesting practical activities on the topic.

The following days consisted of learning sessions, sport activities and artistic events. Learning sessions were divided in theoretical and practical parts, which were conducted in an interactive and participatory way using non-formal education tools like teamwork, role-plays, exercises, group discussions.

Each day ended up with reflection sessions. It was the time when the participants supported by youth-workers could review the day and note the things they learned and their mood during the learning process. The last session of the summer school was aimed at evaluating the activities and the participants’ progress and it was done with the help of an evaluation questionnaire.

Overall, the summer school reached its aim of building closer ties between young volunteers and to improve their knowledge and practical skills in mobilizing people for greater involvement in community advocacy activities.

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