Thursday, 20 July 2017 07:51

Joint Moldovan-Dutch Summer School

During June 10-12th, 2017 a Summer School was organized for young volunteers of the project „Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas of Moldova”. Among the participants there were 36 Moldovan youngsters from 5 project locations as well as 9 youngsters and 5 adults from the Netherlands who were in a the country on a youth exchange visit.

The program of the Summer School was very diverse and gave the participants a chance to develop and try their skills in different domains. The first half of the day was usually devoted to the learning sessions for which the particpants split into 2 groups according to the languages spoken. In a non-formal educational manner the participants discussed and compared the communities which they represent and were quite curious not only to learn about the other culture but to see own community life from a new perspective.

The participants practiced public speaking skills and non-verbal communication patterns which was both fun and useful. In order to apply the knowledge and skills gained the participants split into smaller grups and filmed motivational videos aimed at mobilizing local community to active involvement and participation.

The afternoon activities were mostly aimed at strengthening ties between the participants and giving them a chance to interact, communicate and to express their talents. Everyday the youngsters practiced sport activities which ranged from regular morning exercise and volleyball, football and badminton to the unusual waterballs competition which caused a lot of positive emotions and laughter.

In the evenings Moldovan and Dutch youngsters participated in the activities together with the other children from the camp. They took part in the “Eurovision” of the camp performing 3 songs and participated in the “Moldovan Wedding” celebration. Young people enjoyed Moldovan traditional dance – “hora” which brought together in one circle boys and girls, youngsters and adults, participants and workers.  Same is true about the Summer School which managed to unite participants from 5 locations and the Dutch guests into one big family. Youngsters made new friends, learnt from each other and shared experiences.

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