Monday, 18 September 2017 10:18

Workshop on planning the campaign in Varatic village

On September 14, 2017 multidisciplinary team in village Varatic, Riscani district organized a planning workshop for the advocacy campaign which is going to be implemented in their community. MCA project staff attended the meeting and guided the participants in the planning process. The campaign is carried out within the project “Improving family protection and preservation at the local level by developing community advocacy capacities”. The project is implemented by Moldovan Christian Aid in partnership with Nursing Association from the Republic of Moldova and Hilfswerk Austria with the financial support of the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation within the program Social assistants in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighborhoods Countries.

The team, which includes the village priest, one social worker, local schoolteachers, librarian, adult and young volunteers is coordinated by the community social assistant. During the meeting 21 people, members of the team and other local stakeholders, exchanged ideas and shared their opinions on how the campaign should be implemented to raise community awarennes on problems and difficulties the families face and in the end a concrete plan of activities was fixed. Also they decided over the slogan and the message of the campaign and planned the needed resources and costs. Everyone got involved in the process and showed interest in planning the activities so it will appeal to people. In addition, the team decided who is responsible of each activity so everything will go smoothly and well organized.

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