Wednesday, 11 July 2012 17:40

Daily centre for children Ulmu village

Project Title: Daily centre for children in Ulmu village

Implementing partner: Parish “Intrarea maicii domnului in Biserica” from Ulmu village

Implementation timeframe: April – December 2011

Total Budget: 10 300 EUR

Project Objectives & activities:

To improve nutrition, prevent school abandon and risky behavior of 30 children remained without of parent supervision via support to the daily centre in Ulmu village.

Specific objectives:

1.To deliver daily hot meal for 30 children,

2.To provide social reintegration assistance for vulnerable children Project focus group 30 children from Ulmu village, who are left without parent supervision, aged between 7 and 14 years, coming from fairly poor families, both girls and boys.

Expected results

  • The school attendance has been improved.
  • about 30 children up to 14 years left by parents gone abroad are provided with hot meals and daily occupations children progress in studies has been improved.
  • Increased confidence and collaboration between parish and state authorities.
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