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Sewing workshop in Costesti village

Project Title: Sewing workshop for girls in Costesti village

Implementing partner: Parish “St. Nocolae” from Costesti village

Implementation timeframe: April – December 2011

Total Budget: 10 300 EUR

Overall objective:

Increasing the access of the teenage girls to professional training.

Specific objectives:

1. Developing a course of training sequence composed of a group of 18 teenage girls;

2. Improving the terms of the professional training and material development of the sewing workshop;

3. Study and application of new technologies within the workshop (applique, embroidery, manufacturing of items with application of new technologies like batik, beadwork and items made with biser, manufacturing souvenirs and wedding accessories);

4. Education of the members of the group with basic notions of marketing;

5. Involvement of the population in aquisition of the items made within the sewing workshop; 6. Promotion of the apiculture products on the national and international market.

Direct target group

The target group is composed of 18 young girls from the Costesti village, county of Ialoveni. Basically these girls – are teenagers from the socially-vulnerable families as well as girls which have parents working abroad.

Indirect target group

  • Educational institutions representatives, lecturers, managers;
  • Local public administration officers;
  • Law enforcement authorities, police representatives;
  • State social assistance department’s representatives.

Expected results

  • 18 girls received vocational training in sewing;
  • Improved marketing skills of focus group;
  • Increased awareness on regional structures.
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