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Study Visit to Italy, November 14 - 22, 2011

The study visit was organized within the MCA Domestic Violence program from 14th to 22nd of November and aimed at visiting Italian non-governmental organizations working in the field of prevention and combating domestic violence, learning new working approaches and share best practices from Italy and Moldova.

During the program, two representatives of MCA, Lilia Bulat and Veaceslav Luca, had the opportunity to visit relevant institutions and to familiarize themselves with activities, projects and programs of various NGOs in Rome and Milan. At the same time,  MCA delegation have participated at the World Conference “Science for Piece” in Milan in which have been also addressed the issue of violence against women.

The first organization that was visited was Casa Internazionale delle Donne in Rome. Casa Internazionale delle Donne (The International House of Women) was founded by the women’s movement of Rome. More than 40 associations, some constitute a society, have brought to life a big project, (which is unique in Italy), which talks about the history and success of women’s liberation movement.

A courageous commitment, a very hospitable place where women of the world can meet, offers many services and political and cultural activities open to the collectivity. The International House of Women, which relies solely on self, and not for profit, is therefore the result of a strong entrepreneurial impulse, which arises from the pleasure of working together with practicality and sense of responsibility. Within the complex we could see: a store which sells products hand-made by female artisans and people of the Third World that promotes women trade-fair products, a book store and a coffee shop, a convention center, a documentation center, a historic library of the women’s liberation movement and a library. Within different projects, the organizations settled there are organizing training courses, shows, exhibitions, seminars and presentations of books. There is also a center of psychological counseling, center for legal advice and a health center.

There is also a shelter for women that experience domestic violence in their families. The shelter has an informal environment and it is equipped with 35 beds within 9 rooms, distributed in multiple and single rooms. Within the shelter, there is at everyone’s disposal a room, where the women can watch television, where a library is kept, where magazines are stored.

World Conference Science for Peace, Milan

The third World Conference of Science for Peace was held on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November 2011, at the Aula Magna of the Bocconi University, Milan. Science for Peace is a project launched on initiative of Professor Umberto Veronesi, with the participation of representatives of the international scientific community and eminent persons in the field of culture, aimed at finding scientific concrete solutions for peace. As in the previous editions, the initiative constituted an opportunity for an international debate aimed at analysing the causes at the origin of conflicts and the solutions science can offer for their prevention and resolution. Four Nobel Prize Laureates and 37 experts coming from 15 world countries contributed to this debate.

The topics addressed this year by the Conference were, among others: access to water and food, the contribution of science in peaceful resolution of conflicts, women rights, violence against women, prevention and care for big diseases, economic sciences for peace, crisis management and prevention of conflict at the EU level, science and civil rights, socio-political transformations in the Mediterranean, arms smuggling and the UN treaty on arms transfer, cartooning for peace, information technology and conflicts.

Caritas Ambrosiana, Milan

During the visit at Caritas Ambrosiana we had the opportunity to meet the responsible of the Domestic Violence Department Palma Felina and Sabrina Lanazi the coordinator of the Human Trafficking Department. The representatives of Caritas Ambrosiana presented their current activities in the field of protection victims of domestic violence and trafficking and the results obtained. Special attention was place on the projects and activities dealing with citizens of Republic of Moldova that currently live in Italy.

They have also presented several study cases of women facing violence in their families and women who were obliged to work as prostitutes including the measures of intervention of the professionals from Caritas in such situations. We also had the opportunity to find out more about everyday problems that immigrants face during their stay in Italy and the difficulties in processing the residence permits.

The representatives of the organization talked about the activities in the field of improvement of the social status of women, promotion and protection women’s political, social, economic and health care rights. We had also the chance to ask questions about the overall state of the of women’s rights in Italy, the cooperation of Caritas Ambrosiana with other similar organizations in the country and the region of Southeast Europe and to compare the situation and experiences in the similar field between Italy and Moldova.

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