Monday, 05 November 2012 12:32

Study visit to Romania

Within October 20-21, 2012 period, 29 volunteers from Hincauti, Rotunda, Scaieni, Taul, Edinet and Donduseni participated at study visit to Romania.

The study visit was organized by MCA under "Empowering Christian Youth de deliver and promote homecare services for elderly" Program, supported by Bread for the World(Germany). The group visited social center "Sf.Ilie" from Miclauseni, shelter for elderly "Fericitul Ioan Paul al II-lea" from Butea and center for elderly "Sf. Imparati Constantin si Elena" from Bucium.

Visitors were invited to the Round Table entitled "Developing care services for the elderly- youth in action" organized by Romanian Orthodox Youth Association from Iasi. Young volunteers benefited from the possibility to communicate with their peers, share their experience and received some suggestions on organizing care services at community level.Participants enjoyed friendly atmosphere and constructive dialogue.

More similar study visits will be organized in the forthcoming period to provide other volunteers the opportunity to learn from existing experience and get more competence, develop necessary skills and establish collaboration with Christian youth from other countries.

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