Tuesday, 23 April 2013 11:08

Participation at the international workshop in Estonia

Within April 8 -12, 2013 period in Pillistvere (Estonia) MCA representative participated at international workshop "Exchange &support networks for use of the Handbook" "Make Change yourselves", organized by International Academy for Diaconal and Social action for Central and Easter  Europe in partnership with Holy Spirit congregation.

The workshop represented a follow-up event building on the process based on learning resulting from the practical experience during the period "in-between" this activity and the workshop organized in Moldova in October 2012.

The working sessions were built on the practical experience of the participants from Armenia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Belorussia, Moldova and Serbia, young people from different working and cultural background.

Beside the indoor working sessions workshop participants had the opportunity to learn from experience of Estonian partners during the visits to social establishments from Tallinn area. Among the institutions visited are Bethel center of pastoral care, running the nonstop shelter for the street children and Koidu Center, running daily center for the children with special needs.

During the working sessions participants have presented their ideas on possible intervention strategies for improvement of social status of marginalized youth and elaborated Code of ethic for working with the Handbook "Make Change yourselves".

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