Monday, 15 June 2015 00:00

Filming for EO Christian television

Within February 12-15, 2015 the media team from the EO TV from The Netherlands visited Moldovan Christian Aid projects' sites in the North region of Moldova.

The purpose of the visit was to film several documentaries for the fundraising campaign that will be broadcasted during the program of the EO TV. In particular, the two members of the Dutch team, Victor and Andries, filmed documentaries about the hard life of the lonely elderly living in villages in Edinet and Briceni districts. The shooting also covered scenes with every day life of vulnerable youngsters and the young volunteers' homecare services.

During 3 days the Dutch team were filming the activities young people conduct every week in order to help the elderly. Moreover, the media team had the chance to witness and shoot the activity of aid kits distribution that is organized once a month.

On the last day of the trip there was a workshop for delivering first aid to people. Participants learned practical skills to help people in different emergencies. Young and adult volunteers participated in the workshop, the activities of which were also filmed by the professional team from the Netherlands.

Both journalists showed a high level of professionalism doing their job smoothly and trying to bother as little as possible the young people and the elderly they shot.  Youngsters felt good and impressed being filmed and were doing their tasks naturally. Only few emotional moments appeared during interviews as the "actors" were deeply overwhelmed by the story of their life.

Shooting elderly and vulnerable youth in rural area of Moldova was a challenging activity that the media team from Holland supported by MCA staff and the interpreter accomplished successfully.

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