Thursday, 07 April 2016 00:00

Training for youngsters in Mereni parish


On April 5, 2016 MCA organized a one-day training for 20 vulnerable youngsters in parish Mereni. The training was carried out within the third year of implementing "Preventing DV by empowering vulnerable youngsters in the Southern region of Moldova" program.

Being part of the program this training lead to reaching one of the important objectives - to strengthen vulnerable young peoples' capacity to recognize and prevent domestic violence in their communities.

24 youngsters from vulnerable and other families, aged between 10 and 15 participated in the activities.

Ms. Cristina Coroban, expert in social sciences and youth work, conducted the training activities and facilitated the learning process. The discussions started with an ice-braking exercise and it helped the participants to open up and get ready for the upcoming sessions. In order to assist youngsters in learning and applying the new knowledge in practice the facilitator used interactive and participatory learning methods such as exercises, role-plays, games, teamwork activities.

Within one session young participants watched a film on consequences of child abuse and discussed its message afterwards guided by the trainer. As one of the consequences presented in the film was the suicide it impressed the participants deeply and brought up mixed feelings in them.

The training in Mereni ended up with an evaluation session. The majority of young people assessed the training as helpful or very helpful and stated that in future trainings they would like to learn more about family values, teenage problems, tolerance and peace between people.

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