Monday, 18 April 2016 00:00

Trainings in Hansca and Ciucur-Mingir villages


Vulnerable youngsters living in poverty and rough conditions are often at risk of being abused by parents or witness cases of abuse and violence. They have limited access to information on how to protect themselves and/or to prevent domestic violence. In rural areas access to education is lower, while the risk of abuse is higher. Following its mission to support the most vulnerable MCA provides training for young people in the area of domestic violence prevention.

Within April 15 -16, 2016 two trainings for youngsters in Ciucur-Mingir and Hansca parishes were organized. The trainings aimed at empowering vulnerable young people to develop skills and abilities to prevent different forms of violence.

40 youngsters (14 boys and 26 girls) aged 11-15 participated in the training activities. Cristina Coroban, expert in social work in area of youth, conducted the training sessions. To create a warm and open learning environment she started with ice braking exercise "Flower of qualities" during which the participants had to write at least 5 of their qualities on the flower petals and to share with their peers. Next sessions continued with teamwork and role play activities, watching films and group discussions that lead to a more interesting and effective learning process.

In the end of the sessions the participants were able to define:

  • Main forms of emotional violence;
  • Features of child labor exploitation and how to fight it;
  • The actors involved in preventing domestic violence.

The youngsters also had a good opportunity to socialize, to reflect on serious issues and to accomplish challenging tasks together that contributes to their personal development and stronger group cohesion.

Even though the participants were tired in the end of such intensive training, they showed great interest in participation in the following trainings that MCA is going to organize this summer.

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