Tuesday, 11 October 2016 00:00

Monitoring visit to program locations

On October 5-7th, 2016 MCA program coordinator Alena Birsanu conducted monitoring visits to 4 locations of the program “Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas of Moldova” – namely, Alexandreni, Rotunda, Varatic villages and town Edinet. Village Coteala was excluded from the list due to the unexpected circumstances and will be visited by the program coordinator in future. The aim of the visits was to monitor the process of program implementation and to provide on-site consultations to the priests.

The program of the visit was rather intense and consisted of visiting the sites of future Elderly Day Centres, meeting with priests and young volunteers as well as visiting some of the beneficiaries. In an open and sincere environment the coordinator and the priests discussed the current issues of the program implementation – the actions planned for the rest of the year 2016, the difficulties the local CSOs encounter and the ways to overcome them.

Alena also met the young volunteers from all the 4 locations, solicited their feedback about the project and motivated for further active participation in it. During the meeting they discussed the possible topics for further trainings that youngsters would be interested in and the future activities they plan to do within the program implementation until the end of the year. Thus, in Varatic and Edinet the youngsters expressed great interest to the topic of fundraising for the vulnerable elderly and therefore the training devoted to this issue is scheduled for November 2016.

In some of the villages the program coordinator also managed to visit elderly beneficiaries, to talk to them and to congratulate them on the Elderly Day, which is celebrated on October 1st.

Overall, the monitoring visit was rather productive with all the aims achieved and tasks fulfilled. The MCA coordinator will analyze the information gained and use it later for the further successful implementation of the project.

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