Monday, 05 December 2016 14:40

Winter Aid Distribution

Winter is a hard time in Moldova, because of the necessity to heat the buildings and therefore high fuel bills. The situation is even more difficult in rural areas where each year people have to spend much money on firewood and to keep the house warm and cosy requires not only money but a lot of physical effort as well. For the vulnerable lonely elderly people winter season is always the hardest since their pensions are quite low, the houses are old and often neglected and they are too weak to do all the work to keep the place warm.

In connection with that, in November – December, 2016 MCA initiated the distribution of warm winter blankets and electric heaters to the elderly beneficiaries of the program “Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas of Moldova”. One hundred elderly people from 5 villages received the aid that was distributed by the local partners with the help of the young volunteers. The blankets and heaters were also given to the adult volunteers who provide regular homecare visits to the beneficiaries, supervise young volunteers and therefore play an important role in the project too

The elderly were very touched and grateful and admitted that the help was quite up to the season and therefore highly welcomed and appreciated. They got one more way to get warmer in the house and compared it to the Christmas miracle. For the volunteers, who also live in the same villages and therefore experience the same situation in winter times, this was also a much-valued help and also a motivation for further active participation in the project.

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