Monday, 16 May 2016 00:00

Training on youth work for youth centers' teams

In order to strengthen capacities of MCA local partners and youth centres’ personnel that is involved in supporting vulnerable young people from rural areas within the program Preventing Domestic Violence by empowering vulnerable youngsters in the Southern region of Moldova a training was organized.

Among the participants there were people representing different professions such as priests, schoolteachers, psychologists, and social workers.

On May 11, 2016 MCA in cooperation with Association Against Violence "Casa Marioarei" organized the training sessions for 20 people from Abaclia, Ciucur-Mingir, Mereni, Hansca and Ulmu parishes. It was the first training for centres personnel out of three planned for 2016. Expert in social work, Elena Cebotari together with expert in youth psychology and the president of School Sports Federation of Moldova, Iurie Berlinskii conducted the training activities.

The training aimed at developing the personnel’s skills and knowledge in youth work by learning new tools and methods of non-formal education and to adapt those to the needs of their beneficiaries. It also aimed at discussing and practicing exciting and attractive activities for youngsters that they could organize in the youth centres.

The meeting started with a short worship session and introduction of the participants. The following discussions included topics such as maintaining the motivation of vulnerable young people to participate in personal development and learning activities as well as in voluntary work; the importance and necessity of the teamwork including interactive, sport and entertaining activities. The psychologists and social workers present at the training highlighted the importance of organising activities for youngsters together with their parents. Later on, the participants tried several new sports and teamwork activities themselves, which brought an entertaining element to the training. The last session focused on drawing up the conclusions on discussed topics, sharing new ideas in the sphere of youth work and of course evaluating the quality of the training and the usefulness of the knowledge acquired.

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