Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:00

Trainings for youth in Southern region of Moldova

Moldovan Christian Aid staff carried on with providing training for vulnerable youth from rural areas in Southern region of Moldova and equipping them with necessary knowledge, skills and tools on Domestic Violence prevention.

Within October 13-22, 2016 MCA staff in cooperation with the Youth Centers teams from the selected 5 parishes organized 5 trainings for youngsters that are main beneficiaries of these centers. The trainings were held separately on the premises of each Youth Center.

The trainings aimed to strengthen participants' skills and to consolidate their knowledge in the area of preventing violent behavior. The focus was on controlling negative emotions and developing friendly relationships with the people around in order to prevent domestic violence and violence in the community.

Totally 102 young people, 66 girls and 36 boys, participated in the trainings. The participants are youngsters aged between 10 and 16, majority of them coming from vulnerable families from the villages. The trainer, Ms. Cristina Coroban, expert in social services and youth work used participatory and non-formal education tools and encouraged everyone to express their idea or opinion on the topic. During the sessions the participants were divided into different teams so each of them could interact and socialize with as many peers as possible.

At the end of the training the participants were able to recognize:

  • The forms of emotional violence;
  • Negative emotions and how to deal with them;
  • Consequences of domestic violence on children.

The most exciting activities for young people were role-plays, team exercises and film watching followed by discussions on its message. After each task the trainer asked the participants to think over its scope and learning outcome. Moreover, youngsters were invited to come up with examples on the issues discussed, in some cases it was difficult for them to do it and the trainer had to intervene and bring examples. It helped young people to understand better the concepts or information under discussions.

During the evaluation session the majority of the participants marked the training with an "A" telling it was very helpful and interesting and they would like to have more such trainings. Some of them proposed to watch longer films. Among the future topics to discuss they mentioned: How to prevent emotional violence, Intimidation, Youngsters behavior, etc.

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