Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00

Training on fundraising for youth centres personnel

On October 25, 2016 Moldovan Christian Aid in cooperation with Association Against Violence "Casa Marioarei" organized the training sessions for the personnel and volunteers of the youth centres. The meeting gathered 19 people from Abaclia, Ciucur-Mingir, Ulmu, Hansca and Mereni parishes.

The training scope was to develop participants' fundraising skills and knowledge by learning methods and strategies of building partnership with NGOs, funds, businesses that could support their activities and projects.

Expert in fundraising, Nati Vozian, conducted the training activities and facilitated the participants' learning using interactive and participatory methods. Following the idea of fundraising and how it works she introduced the participants with the most important tools and techniques.

During the training sessions the participants got involved in group work, role-plays and simulation exercises using the acquired knowledge and practising the new skills.

In addition to that, they discussed how to overcome the fear or shyness when speaking with an authority, funding agency officer or public officer. In order to be more confident it is good to establish a warm and friendly relationship with the decision makers via contacting by phone or email before the meeting itself. Also it is very important to have good communication skills and the ability to present your project idea shortly revealing the most relevant sides and the impact it will produce.

The participants learned the methods of applying for financial support to different international funds, local and national private donors. Among others, they discussed the method of crowd funding that seemed interesting only to part of the audience and therefore wasn't further developed. However, the trainer shared with the participants the name of international crowd funding platforms and basic information on how they work, so those interested could use it for their fundraising purposes. The priests, teachers and volunteers participating in the training went home thinking on the ideas of fundraising and ways of implementing them in practice.

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