Monday, 28 March 2016 00:00

Awareness raising in 10 communities of Northern Moldova

In order to draw attention once more to disadvantaged youngsters and their daily life problems, there were organized public events in all 10 parishes involved in the project. Youth Club members decided by themselves what kind of activity to organize, therefore in every village it was a different activity. But, all of them had the same central message – to pay attention at the youngsters’ needs and to help them have a better life.

The activities that were organized are as follows:

Youth Club „Alex - Club”, Alexandreni village, Edinet district, prepared a couple of sketches and organized a theatrical evening at the community cultural house.

Youth Club „The Formidables”, Blesteni village, Edinet district, organized a soiree on the topic of importance of the marriage and good relations in the family.

Youth Club „Young Dreamers”, Coteala village, Briceni district organized a gastronomic delight for the district hospital patients.

Youth Club „Courageous”, Edinet city organized a series of round tables for the vulnerable youngster from the high school.

Youth Club “All for change”, Rotunda village, Edinet district in partnership with the village hall organized a concert at the community cultural center with the occasion of the international women’s day – 8 of March.

Youth Club “Friends forever”, Sirauti village, Briceni district, together with the school and village hall organized a round table on the problems that youngsters are facing in the community.

Youth Club “Nicoliada”, Terebna village, Edinet district, at the 1st of March organized a flash - mob in the center of the village.

Youth Club “Youth and Adults”, Varatic village, Riscani district organized an open seminar on the negative influence of the internet on youngsters behavior.

Youth Club “Innovative Youth”, Brinzeni village, Edinet district organized a festival with the occasion of the international women’s day – 8th of March.

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