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Vineri, 23 Iunie 2017 13:07

MCA organized training for young volunteers on community mobilization

On June 20 -  21st, 2017 young volunteers from the project “Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas of Moldova” were invited to the Edinet Diocese for a training.  The topic was “ Motivation and its role in community mobilization” and the event was facilitated by Lilia Dunai – professional school teacher, psychologist and facilitator of training activities in Social Youth Centre St. Roman. Fifty participants, aged 15-17, came from 5 villages involved in the project and were glad to learn something new in a non-formal environment surrounded by peers.

The training started with energetic outdoor ice-breakers that helped the youngsters to overcome the initial shyness and to get to know each other better. The trainer used name-games and team building activities so that to prepare the participants to further successful cooperation during the day. Young people really enjoyed the energizers and other dynamic games, especially after long discussions and debates within the group or smaller teams.

After that the participants moved inside for the learning session devoted to motivation and its types. With the help of small games and vivid examples the youngsters realized that there are two types of motivation and shared their experiences about when and how they could be used for personal and community purposes.

The second part of the training was mostly focused on the community mobilization for a good cause be it an advocacy campaign or a fundraising event. The participants made lists of action steps that they could take to motivate others to change something in their communities to the better. They worked in groups and afterwards presented the results which was followed by the discussion involving the whole group.

During the training the facilitator used non-formal methods of education and was very flexible with the tasks so that to comply with the mood of the group. She managed to get everyone involved and not only to share knowledge but also to change youngster’s attitudes and strengthen their social responsibility and motivation for change. This was revealed during the evaluation session at the end of the training where youngsters admitted that they felt quite encouraged and once again realized  that a lot depends on them and they are capable of changing the environment around them.










































































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