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Interdiac Handbook "Make change Yourself"

Within 26-30 November 2012 period, Moldovan Christian Aid has hosted international workshop "Exchange and support networks for the use of the Handbook 'Make change yourself' with young people in threir communities" conducted by International Academy for Diaconal and Social action for Central and Eastern Europe. The activity conducted intended to draw out the strategies and develop a process for the ethical use of the Interdiac Handbook "Make change yourself" and to create a support and exchange network for the multiplicators.

The concrete aims to be achieved were mentioned:

  • To develop cooperation between organizations which will be involved in the networking, learning and development processes for using the Interdiac Handbook on local, regional and national level,
  • To define the ways in which the Handbook  can be used,
  • To create and support network for the multiplicators via Interdiac,
  • To set up the process of capacity building of the trainers,
  • To create a comprehensive documentation of the knowledge, skills and competences that will reflect the working and learning processes throughout the life of the project and beyond.

The project is a learning, networking and development action with 12 partner organizations from countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Great Britain, Estonia, Armenia, Belorussia, Serbia, Finland and Czech republic. The training was held within "Sf.Gheorghe" convent, Suruceni village.Thus, the participants had the possibility to get acquintace with local traditions, religion ambiance and life style. Also, Moldovan Christian Aid had organized study visits to three community centers working with children and youth facing social problems:

  1. Begining of Life NGO, Chisinau
  2. Youth Media Center, Chisinau
  3. Community center for children and youth, Chisinau
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