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Marţi, 19 Iulie 2016 00:00

Summer school for vulnerable youngsters in the South of Moldova

Within June 29- July 6, 2016 MCA together with the local partners organized a summer school for vulnerable youngsters from 5 parishes in Southern Moldova. The place for it was chosen in consultation with the coordinators of the 5 Youth Centers established in the selected communities. The convent "St. Marta and Maria" situated in Causeni district, southeast of Moldova is approximately at the same distance away from all 5 villages and has the facilities and experience in hosting summer schools for young people.

The summer school was organized to answer young people's need to develop skills and abilities that are necessary for becoming active citizens and important social actors in their communities whose voices are to be taken into consideration by their families and community members.

The participants were vulnerable youngsters selected by the MCA local partners from the beneficiaries of the Youth Centers as well as other children coming from unsafe social environments. During two rounds of 3 days each of 92 young people aged between 10 and 17 from Mereni, Abaclia, Ciucur-Mingir, Ulmu and Hansca participated in the activities. For some sessions the youngsters were divided in smaller teams by 24 or 12 participants.

The summer school objectives were to establish a strong network of support among young people, to increase their self-confidence, to provide emotional and educational support and in this way to strengthen their capacities in facing daily difficulties of their lives. The objectives were reached through involving youngsters in ice-braking games, team-building exercises, volunteering activities, sport events, hand-made workshops, participation in the church service, discussions with the nuns, film watching and daily reflections.

This event is a unique chance for many vulnerable young people to get out of the routine, to meet new people and interact with the peers from other villages, to see new places and to be part of the non-formal educational environment. New friendships have been established during the summer school and contacts exchanged which can grow in life-long relationships. Even though in some moments it was difficult to organize the children and to keep the silence within the groups the effort was worth it.

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