Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:00

Support for youth outreach work in 10 parishes


As usual, all 10 parishes continued their youth work in the community, organizing events outside the Youth Clubs within the program "Know-How-You Do!". Most of the activities were related to youth participation, while some of them were focused on other age groups and issues. As examples we can mention the following initiatives:

1.Youth Club “Young Dreamers”, Coteala village, Briceni district, organized a meeting with representatives of all local actors to discuss the most pressing problems of the community. In total, there were 37 adults present and the meeting lasted for about 3 hours. In the end, there was drafted a list of 10 stringent issues that are needing a joint effort of the community to be overcome. It was a unique event in the village, to have such a meeting organized by the parish and the Youth Club.

  1. Youth Club “All for Change”, Rotunda village, Edinet district, presented a short play on the negative effects of the abusive alcohol consumption. It was presented in the community cultural center within the local festival organized by the mayoralty for the Independence Day. At the event were present representatives of all social layers of the community, counting in total about 70 spectators.
  2. Sports activities – every Youth Club organized sports activities in the community. Typical examples of such events will be: football tournaments, volley tournaments, basketball tournaments, “joyful starts”, bike riding etc. All the events were organized outside the clubs and were open for all the youngsters from the community. In some cases, were invited representatives from other Youth Clubs.
  3. Trips to historical places – most of the Youth Clubs organized one day trips to the historical places in Moldova. The number of participants in every trip was from 20 to 40 participants and were involving not only Youth Club members, but other local actors and potential new club members. Typical destinations during the trip were: churches and monasteries, Soroca Fort, Old Orhei and other.
  4. International day of older persons – on 1st of October, most of the Youth Clubs congratulated elderly people from their community with this international day. Youngsters made greeting cards and bought flowers for most of the old persons from their village and went from home to home to congratulate them and spend some time together. In every community, there were visited more than 100 persons. These activities had an advocacy element as well, trying to draw community attention to elderly people and their needs.

Altogether, the above mentioned activities had the goal to involve more youngsters in the Youth Club activities and to show their communities that youngsters are a reliable force and resource for community development.

Also, on a permanent basis, parishes are continuing their activities with youngster assisting individual cases and supporting the most vulnerable youth regardless of the fact that they aren’t Youth Club members.

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