Friday, 29 July 2016 00:00

Trainings for youth in social media


In the period between 18 and 29 of July 2016, a series of 10 workshops on using social media for promoting Youth Club’s activities were organized. A one-day workshop was held in every partner community for the Youth Clubs members and adult coordinators, in total counting 124 participants.

Youngsters were thought how to create a page on Facebook to promote their activities, how to use email for business communication and how to create and maintain a blog.

As a result of the workshop, every Youth Club created their pages on Facebook and most of their members opened email accounts. Some of the youngsters tried to create their blogs.

As a tool of motivation to keep their pages updated, a contest was announced between Youth Clubs. The most active Facebook page should be awarded a special prize at the annual forum of the Youth Clubs in December 2016.

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