Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:37

Study visit of church representatives from Holland

On October 21-25, 5 representatives from 3 protestant church communities in Holland visited Moldova and Moldovan Christian Aid (MCA).
According to the members of the delegation, their trip to Moldova aimed to get to know better the local environment and problems we face; learn about the MCA activities in communities and to meet beneficiaries from projects that are running at the moment. The delegates, also expressed a special interest in participating at the Liturgy and other activities organized by the Orthodox Church of Moldova.

On October 21, the team from Holland met with Natalia Mozer from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Moldova and MCA team. The participants exchanged opinions of the state and prospect of the ecumenical dialogue, the challenges facing the Lutheran community in Moldova and other issues related to the social and economical situation of Moldova. The guests were very impressed by the meeting and the fruitful discussion that ended with some hand-made souvenirs exchange.

On the next day, the visitors accompanied by the MCA staff visited the Shelter for Young Mothers in Chisinau, a project of the Baptist faith-based NGO “Beginning of the Life”. The meeting was leaded by 2 professional social assistants who presented in details the activities and projects they implement. Afterwards, the delegates dived in two small groups, also had the chance to visit at home two social-week families with little children in Chisinau and Singera village.

On the same day, the delegation departed to the north of Moldova, to Drochia town where have been welcomed by Father Pavel Vuluta, priest at the Drochia Cathedral “Holy Maria”.

On October 23, the foreign guests together with Father Pavel Vuluta visited the Cathedral of the Holy Maria in Drochia and participated at the Sunday liturgy. During the afternoon the delegation had the possibility to visit Tarigrad village and meet young volunteers involved in a project supported by MCA aimed to offer homecare to elderly people.

The next day, all the participants departed to Cimiseni village in Criuleni rayon. In Cimiseni, the delegation together with Father Ion Solonaru had a meeting with the mayor which held a short presentation about the community and the current situation. As well, they visited the community school and kindergarten, had some visits to the beneficiaries of projects implemented by the local church with the support from MCA. The visit in Cimiseni ended at the church were Father Ion Solonaru presented the activities implemented in the Community Day Center that was opened within the parish house.

At the end, the members of the delegation were happy for this unique opportunity to personally come to Moldova and visit the country they have longtime been interested in, meet people and understand the challenges we face.

The delegates in this study visit will share their experience and findings in their respective communities 'back home'. The necessity to build up the partnerships between the church communities in Moldova and Holland in order to respond to the challenges of social exclusion systematically will be emphasized.

The study was organized in the context of the partnership developed between Dutch church organization Kerk in Actie and Moldovan Christian Aid.

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