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Support to the teen mother project

Project Title: Support for 30 young single mothers to prevent child abandon and abortion

Implementing partner: NGO “Beginning of life”

Implementation timeframe: April 2011– March 2012

Total Budget: 15 225 EUR

The project purpose: To prevent child abandon and abortion by providing material support to the 30 young single mothers (adolescents) from vulnerable families during the first year of the child education.

The specific objectives are:

O1. Ensure 30 young mothers with necessary medicines, child nutrition and hygienic materials.

O2. Assist the state social allowances obtaining, vocational orientation and psychological counseling for young single mothers.

O3. Motivate and mobilize 5 young mothers that decided to give birth and take care of their children, to offer volunteer support for other young women (adolescents) under the risk situation.

Target group and indirect beneficiaries

Direct beneficiaries: 30 young single mothers from disadvantageous, risky groups from Republic of Moldova. The young women will benefit of training activities and will be involved in real life contexts receiving support from a support group represented by other single mothers that successfully overcome the deadlock situations in their life. 10 professionals (psychologists, social workers, volunteers) will provide quality support for integration and personal development of direct beneficiaries.

Expected Results

Realization of the project will result in to the following results:

  • 2 training organized for professionals involved in project activities: psychologists, social workers, volunteers.
  • 30 vulnerable young women decided to give birth and educate their children. They have learned how to take care of their baby-children in the first life period. Also they have learned their rights concerning social protection facilities.
  • 90 psychological consultations organized for the selected beneficiaries.
  • 30 young mothers receive material aid during the first 6 months after gave birth to their children 4 informational seminars organized for young mothers (Topics: professional orientation, family values, child education, social protection system…)
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