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Prevention of social exclusion in Tarigrad

Project Title: Prevention of the social exclusion of the elderly via involving of youth in homecare provision

Implementing partner: NGO “Nica”

Implementation timeframe: February – December 2011

Total Budget: 6 000 EUR

Project objectives

To prevent the isolation and contribute to social, cultural integration of elderly people from Tarigrad by mobilizing a group of volunteers to deliver home care services.

The specific objectives are:

O1. To build sustainable an based on common values and aspirations social relations between local people and institutions through organization of charitable actions.

O2. Develop theoretical and practical skills for a group of volunteers and nurses in the field of home care.

O3. Ensure the unlimited and free access to information, promote and give chances for self-expression and mutual learning for disadvantaged people.

O4. Create a recreation space for all people from the community by arranging the public square from the village.

Expected Results

Realization of the project will result in to the following results:

  • 45 young people involved in home care activities and benefited of trainings and orientation;
  • 20 young people with health problems benefit of home care and both medical and social assistance also they are actively involved in community life;
  • 27 solitaires elders benefit of home care have opportunities to feel as a part of community;
  • 3 gypsy families received support and were encouraged participate to community life;
  • 20 young people with disabilities receive home care and have possibility to feel responsible and useful all families in the community;
  • Training activities for nurses and volunteers organized;
  • 200 leaflets elaborated and distributed in community and in the region;
  • The public square is a pleasant for recreation and communication place;
  • 1 round table related to migration, isolation and poverty organized;
  • The International day of elders organized.

In quality parameters, project results will proof the social integration of elders in a common challenge. All people in a community will change their perception related to feelings and needs of disadvantaged, solitaire elders. People will be more informed about the available social services in the community and at national level. They will be motivated to feel positively to advocate for their rights and to find their role in the community life. Young people will have the possibility to learn about the history, old times of the community, they will inherit the old traditions and values in order to promote their authenticity and the importance.

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