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Summer school for the victims of traffincking

Project Title: Summer school for victims and potential victims of human trafficking

Implementing partner: Lutheran centre “St. Paul”

Implementation timeframe:
June – August 2011

Total Budget: 4 400 EUR

Project objectives

To prevent human trafficking from Moldova, through social integration and informational activities.

The specific objectives are:

O1. Minimize the negative impact of human traffic phenomena through social-rehabilitation activities of victims and potential victims.

O2. Raise awareness concerning employment opportunities among victims and potential victims of trafficking.

O3. Developing necessary skills and abilities for an efficient social integration of human traffic victims/potential victims, considering their personal capacities and life visions.

Target group and indirect beneficiaries

Direct target group: 15 women - victims of trafficking from central and eastern part of Moldova Representatives of risk-group: unemployed people, young people that have no adult supervision, young women. Partner organizations, actively involved in fight against human trafficking in Moldova

The indirect beneficiaries of the project will be family members of the directly involved people, the community members and social institutions at local and national level. Generally all the society will fill thepositive impact of the project as the implanted actions will influence peoples’ decisions and will change common perceptions about the human rights, dignity and trust.

Expected Results

  • 15 victims of human trafficking benefited of adequate environment for social reintegration and psychological rehabilitation;
  • 15 victims of human trafficking developed their skills to find a job, to prevent risky for them situations;
  • 1 summer school organized for victims and potential victims of human trafficking;
  • 1 initiative group of professionals and trainers in vocational orientation is created;
  • 1 vocational training organized for at list 15 people affected by human trafficking;
  • Informative materials publicized and delivered to beneficiaries.
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