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Social canteen in Suruceni village

Project Title: Creation of social canteen in Suruceni village, Ialoveni district

Implementing partner: Orthodox parish “St. Arh Mihail si Gavriil” from Suruceni village

Implementation timeframe: February – December 2011

Total Budget: 10000 EUR

The project purpose:

Improving the life quality of social-vulnerable people in Suruceni village, Ialoveni district.

The specific objectives are:

O1. To improve the nutrition of 32 vulnerable elderly people from Suruceni village by delivering of daily healthy food according to specific needs of the beneficiaries within a social canteen.

O2. To contribute to social integration of isolated elderly people through creation of an adequate environment for communication, establish of friendly relations and mutual aid.

Target group and indirect beneficiaries

Direct beneficiaries: 32 most disadvantaged elderly people, age of 60-90 from Suruceni village, Ialoveni district that daily will receive meals at the social canteen.

Indirect beneficiaries: vulnerable families, people with disabilities that will benefit of food and material support in holidays (specific Christian holydays) within the organized charitable campaigns by the representatives of social canteen in common with other local institutions and bed-addicted people that will receive warm meals at home by the mobile team of volunteers. The persons who will benefit of the Canteen services have been selected with in partnership with Welfare Services from Ialoveni as well as with the clerks from the Mayoralty of Suruceni.

Expected Results

Realization of the project will result in to the following results:

  • 2 rooms of 64 sq. meters of physical space for the social canteen renovated and adapted for the daily specific activities.
  • Regularly at list 5 days a week 32 vulnerable elders benefit of appropriate conditions for receiving a daily hot meal and improved their nutrition corresponding to their individual needs and health problems.
  • At list 32 elders benefit of spiritual counseling and have adequate environment to communicate, express their problems, and receive support from the mobile volunteer team concerning other social problems that they face on.
  • At list 8 people a week from the region (Suruceni, Danceni, Nimoreni) that live in extreme poverty, have a disability and aren’t able to attend the canteen, receive at home hot meals.
  • Common meals of the beneficiaries with other community members will be organized and specific Christian holidays will be organized for/with canteen’ beneficiaries.
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