Monday, 18 July 2016 00:00

Summer School in Monastery Zabriceni

The Summer School 2016 was organized in Monastery Zăbriceni, Edinet district and gathered 47 youngsters aged from 10 to 17 years in the first round and 49 – in the second one. All the participants are involved in the project „Strengthening advocacy capacities of the local CSOs to support vulnerable elderly in rural areas in Moldova” and come from 5 locations: Alexandreni, Coteala, Edinet, Rotunda and Varatic. The summer school activities were carried out within 13 – 17th  July, 2016.

The aim of the first tour was to focus on such aspect of advocacy campaign as public awareness raising. Within 3 days youngsters discussed its main principles and methods as well as practiced non-verbal communication through games and other activities.

The aim of the second tour was to introduce the participants to the main aspects of case management and its place in the social care system of Republic of Moldova. The participants learnt the main principles of social assistance and practiced to apply the new knowledge to the real cases from their localities.

During the summer school youngsters were not only involved in learning process but also developed their physical abilities by helping the monastery with gardening and other small outdoor tasks. The teenagers also enjoyed playing badminton and sport games as well as drawing and handicrafts workshop that was organized by one of the adult volunteers. The evenings were spent in the atmosphere of a big family watching educative films and follow-up discussions with the cup of tea.

Overall, the summer school as an annual event is always highly appreciated and pretty much anticipated by the youngsters since it provides both the opportunity to learn something new and to socialize with peers and make new friends.

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