Friday, 07 October 2016 00:00

Participation in Honorary Council Meeting of Interdiac

On October 5-7 MCA program coordinator Dorin Birsanu participated in the meeting with members of Honorary Council of Interdiac (International Academy for Diaconia and Social action in Central and Eastern Europe). 14 people from Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Hungary, Serbia, Kazahstan and Czech Republic together with 3 staff members of the host participated in the meeting.

Despite the cold and rainy weather a warm and friendly working atmosphere was created from the very beginning of the meeting which started with worship and a devotion session. The first day continued with a convivial evening during which everyone was invited to present their country, working environment or church by storytelling, short videos or in any other way.

During the second day the director of Interdiac, Janka Adameova, presented the activities implemented last year. The main focus was on the successes and challenges of Double Degree Program. In addition, the participants also discussed the new issues that affect their communities and countries and the social areas which need most urgent interventions. Also the members were asked to think on and identify the development needs of their community/organization/church and their personal or colleagues' learning needs.

On the last day the discussions focused on planning the future of Interdiac - how participants see it in the next 3 years and their role and contribution to it in terms of knowledge, skills and competences. The meeting ended with an evaluation session and a prayer for the peace and love in the whole world.

On the whole, the meeting was a good and inspiring event to consolidate the community of Interdiac honorary council meeting members, which aimed to remind of the need for personal and professional continuous development too. It also was a great opportunity to share opinions and learn from experience of the others in the field of diaconal and social work and helped the participants to understand deeper the meaning of consolidated teamwork.

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